Fancy was an instant hit when the single "Slice me nice" shot on top of the charts in 1984.He could not have hoped for a better beginning to a long and colourful career of international success.Since then, Fancy has continued with his hit making and has been in Germany's media control "Musikmarkt Top 20" Single Charts eight times. In Spain, Fancy's Hit Single "Bolero" soared to Number One and held the position for six months.He followed this with various Top 10 hits in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and other parts of Europe. Fancy has been three times Top 10 in the U.S. Billboard Dance Charts.Fancy has given more than 1000 concerts worldwide. FANCY and his hits from the eighties are timeless and evergreens around the world.… and so FANCY is performing around the world
FANCY, erfolgreicher spanisch-deutscher Produzent und Pop-Solo-Artist, gibt mit seinen internationalen Hits aus den 80ern bis heute weltweit Konzerte. FANCY hat u. a. 9 x ‘Top 20’ Hits in Deutschland, verschiedene ’Top 10’ in Europa, Asien und Amerika. So war er zum Beispiel mit BOLERO drei Monate lang Nr. 1 in Spanien und 3 x ’Top Ten’ in den U.S. Billboard Dance Charts. Seit zwei seiner Alben ’BEST OF’ und ‘HITPARTY’ gleichzeitig in die Charts rasten und FANCY’s ’MEGAMIX’ zum Top-Hit wurde, hat der Künstler absoluten Kultstatus. Die FANCY-Hits aus den 80ern sind längst zeitlose Evergreens und werden weltweit gespielt.... und so ist FANCY auch weltweit unterwegs.
FANCY дал уже болeе чем 1000 концертов в Европе, Канаде и Азии. FANCY был 9 раз в ‚Тор-20’ Нits в Германии, Азии, и Америке. Так было, например, с BOLERO три Месяца № 1 в Испании и 3 раза ‚Тор-10’ в Америке (U.S. Billboard Dance Charts).С того времени, как два его Альбома ‚BEST OF’ и ‚HITPARTY’ попали в число первых, и FANCY’s ‚MEGAMIX’ стал Тор-Нit, исполнитель приобрел статус супер-звезды.FANCY-Hits с 80-х годов уже давно стали незабываэмыми и популярными во всем мире.
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The FANCY Story - Biographie

Producer, author, pop singer, artist He finished grammar school, specialising in the humanities, and did not leave the Capuchin monastery as a monk. No, he was more into rock 'n' roll and became the singer of the band THE MOUNTAIN SHADOWS, which is very successful regionally. Tess began to compose his first songs on the guitar. He got to know the publishing business at the music publisher Seith in Munich, and became a member of GEMA (German Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights).He then produced a variety of artists for the record industry and also sang German lyrics on some records himself. A key encounter was with Jimi Hendrix, who Tess met in the spring of 1967 in Munich. Dave Seaddle, who recorded Jimi Hendrix's hits in the studio, later came to Munich to the Arco-Studios and sat at the mixing desk for some of Tess' productions (including FULL MOON NIGHT, DOWN ON THE CORNER).In the spring of 1983 he gave a home-made melody tape to Todd Canedy, who quickly found the right text for the tune: SLICE ME NICE. TESS became FANCY and non-stop global hits followed: 9 Top 10 / Top 20 hits (in succession!) in Germany (Media Control-Charts) For example, in 1988, FLAMES OF LOVE was Number 1 for weeks in the B3-Radio Charts (Media Control) "BOLERO" was Number 1 in Spain for three months, various Top Ten hits in Europe and Asia, UK: COCOON , Top Ten, USA : 3 Top Ten hits (U.S. Billboard Dance Charts), Germany: 2 albums: "BEST OF" and "HITPARTY" in the Media Control LP-Charts at the same time, FANCY'S MEGAMIX was a top hit. The artist has achieved absolute cult status and even today tours internationally with his retro hits of the 1980s.He also works for other artists (see the booklet in the CD "FANCY & FRIENDS" Part I where this work is described in more detail, with pictures). So, for example, he remixed the PET SHOP BOYS' "WEST END GIRLS" and produced the hit "WAYS OF LOVE" with GLENN YARBROUGH and HILDEGARD KNEF. In Las Vegas he made a compilation with the music from the SIEGFRIED & ROY Show and produced a variety of CDs and books for both the world stars. Between 2001 – 2014 FANCY published LPs, remixes, singles and concert DVDs internationally (e.g. LUBVI BOSCHAR"LP, RU," FOREVER MAGIC "LP, RU," LOCOMOTION "LP, "DIE HITS AUF DEUTSCH" LP /DVD, "MY WAY", "BOLERO MIX", "FLAMES OF LOVE MEGA MIX", "ANOTHER SIDE OF FANCY" LP, Part I & Part II. Video clicks on, for example, youtube increase daily (30 mill.).FANCY is going to publish a biography in 2015/2016 and another two LPs are planned: FANCY & FRIENDS PART II and.....? We can't wait!
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